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Garage Space Heaters | Ocean County, NJ

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Let Hot Dawg® Bring Heat

To Your Pet Projects.

  garage space heaters ocean county nj

To chase away the cold in any space or garage, new or old, just call on the Hot Dawg compact unit heater.
Hush-puppy quiet warmth from natural or propane gas. Better fuel efficiency and more-even heating than other heater styles (electric, infrared, salamanders, etc.) Certified for residential, commercial and industrial use. Lightweight, easily installs (only 1” from ceiling) with quick connections to gas and electricity. Exhausts combustion gases (and moisture)from workspace.
Simple venting through wall or roof with standard power exhaust. New separated-combustion units burn outside air for: Increased durability in dusty, dirty or humid workspaces and greater heating efficiency.




Infrared / Blue Flame Vent-Free 

Gas Space Heaters


Infrared Plaque Heaters radiate heat and "warm like the sun."
Direct heat from the radiant plaques quickly warms people and objects in the room before heating the air. As you enjoy the immediate comfort, the bright orange plaques illuminate a warm cheery glow.

Blue Flame Convection Heaters work much like a central heating system. They warm the air first, then people and objects.
Altogether, the heat is more "gentle" as the warming process
occurs. Adding to its beauty, the blue flame glows through
tempered, tinted glass for warm, intimate comfort.

*Working on a project in the garage? Hot Dawg Heaters are great for heating your garage and creating a comfortable environment to work in.*

Maintenance Agreements

Agreements save you money and prolong the life of your Heating & Cooling System

Benefits Include:

  • - 10% discount off repair
  • - Priority Service
  • - Filters at no extra charge
  • - Lower utility bills

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garage space heaters ocean county  MODINE garage space heaters ocean county garage space heaters ocean county nj

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Here at Accurate Mechanical Heating & Cooling, we have certified technicians with over 34 years experience that provide quality service & installations for heating, cooling, HVAC, gas fireplace, garage heaters in Monmouth & Ocean Counties. We provide a red carpet service Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, as well as emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All of our technicians are EPA Certified with constant up-to-date training. We are fully insured, licensed to New Jersey's Division of Consumer Affairs. So whether you are looking to have a new heating or cooling system installed, or are looking to upgrade your old one, Accurate Mechanical is your number one choice. Accurate Mechanical can assist you on how to heat a garage, replace a broken furnace, change my furnace, and with any heating repair needs. Accurate Mechanical has now gone green.