At Amelia's Kitchen we specialize in South of the Border cuisine featuring regional dishes from Baja California that combines elements of Mexican, Mediterranean and Asian cooking, with an emphasis on utilizing fresh ingredients.

In 1937 Amelia's great Uncle Barry Brooks (real name Edger Schlossbach) moved from the coal fields of Eastern Pennsylvania to southern California to try his hand at acting, becoming a studio actor for Paramount pictures, appearing in many movies and TV shows only to be drafted into the army for WW2. After being discharged he found all his contacts at Paramount were gone. So with his 5th wife Amelia she was also his 7th and finale wife) opened a small joint called Amelia's Baja grill using only local fresh products, veggies and seafood just like the food he had been eating for year in southern California, With their roots in farm-to-table cuisine in mind.

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